•  ROOTS Supervac. A compact, light weight, versatile vacuum cleaner with a unique filtration system.
  •  Ensures a very high level of cleanliness, hygiene and a dust-free and germ-free environment.
  •  Ideal for domestic and institutional applications.
  •  ROOTS Supervac is ergonomically built, economically priced and has low consumable cost.
  •  What’s more, unlike any other available vacuum cleaner in the market, ROOTS Supervac can also be used for wet applications in addition to dry cleaning and blowing.
  •  Low noise level.
  •  Futuristic design.
  •  Swivel castor wheels for easy mobility.
  •  2 Stage air flow motor for trouble free performance.
  •  No paper filter bags.
  •  Available with complete set of accessories like master nozzle, squeeze nozzle, ellipse brush, extension wands and crevice tool.